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August 18, 2017

So my friend Tisha and I are hanging out at this sports bar/pub that she’d taken a liking to and I joined her when I had a few hours to myself and was not entirely drowning in work. 


“How do they hit the golf ball straight into the hole!” Tisha hissed in angry disbelief. “I mean the ball is up in the air for like an entire minute right?”. I shake my head, “not true”. “Ok not maybe a whole minute but definitely for a very long time”. It was happy hour and she was intent on making the best of it.


The TV screens placed strategically around the bar were muted and tuned into various sports channels. We’d arrived rather early and it was another hour before the live band came on. I checked the time on my phone. 


“Oh you know Liam - who I met from the salsa meet up, is coming. He lives around here.” I study the clock. Tisha ignored my wavering attention, and went on. “He’s in the same field as you. He conducts auditions. He had to pick a cow.. no, a calf.. or something..for a dairy cream commercial yesterday.”


I look at her wondering how she managed to connect two fields as disparate as Liam and mine together. I checked the phone once again seeking a distraction.


Soon enough Liam sashayed into the bar, excused himself to get a drink, then came over and stood watching the tv next to us. Liam was dressed elegantly in a black shirt and tie and I wondered how his bovine-audition played out.


“Angela is in the same field as you.” Tisha said to Liam, and nodded approvingly.


“I’m a freelance graphic designer.” I mumble. 


“Oh really!” Liam looked at me with renewed interest.


“I was freelancing for nearly a decade before I came to Dubai,” he said happy now that there was some common ground. "It was the best time ever. I’d wake up at 11am. Claim I’m going into a meeting if I did not want to talk on the phone. And I made so much more than when I was employed at a company.”


I feel a stab of envy and note how none of this applied to me yet. I ask him what he does at his current position and he points towards a group by the bar.


“So do you see the guy in the suit with the other 2 guys on either side of him? The one with the short hair is the marketing manager of the company and the other one is in sales-I work with them.” Liam frowned and studied me. “Markus is always looking for freelancers - why don’t I introduce you to him? Come!”


He grabbed my elbow and led me towards the group. Do you have a business card? he asked…


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August 18, 2017

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